Core De Force Coming Soon!

So, I’ve been waiting for this program for the last 3 MONTHS—and now there’s only a few days left!!!core-de-force-blog  

Why am I so pumped about it?!

It’s the first ever MMA inspired workout–that I can DO! 

Every other similar style I have tried either required way too much skill, was only at the gym, or was WAAAY too long for my crazy life as a mom. 30 minute workouts or less, baby. 

That’s how I roll!


So here’s the scoop!!:

It’s 30 days.

30 minute (or less) workouts,2507a4bffa66641e33041ecea0246d30

No crazy choreography to learn.

And meet Jessica, she’s the modifier. She was crazy successful with this program. 


NO equipment.

NO calorie counting.

Simple, real food meal plan–and because of the intense workout–you need more calories than you think! They’re bringing back my favorite color coded containers! : )

And get this–it was co-created by a NEW MOM (Jericho McMatthews)–who wanted to get her core back after baby. (Which she did–in case you were wondering) The coolest part?! She was still nursing her baby and pumping–even with the crazy schedule of filming. And she made her family a priority, while still rocking out these incredible workouts.  AMAZING!


Oh and one other thing?! It’s the perfect couples workout. Say what?!

Joel Freeman, the other co-creator, is strong and motivating, and this workout is ANYTHING but “girly”. It’s all about punching and kicking with intent and accuracy and feeling strong. My husband is a fan too. Yes, he likes it. Without any coercing or bribing. And that’s a big deal!



Am I the only one jumping around like a crazy person counting down the days until it’s released?!


But I’m pretty sure you’re a little curious! 

So here’s what I’ve done: I’ve created a Facebook event where I will be posting all the info as I get it. 

The challenge pack will release on Oct 31st at a discounted price and once you’ve got your stuff ordered–you can start streaming the program the NEXT DAY! And that’s what I’ll be doing! 

We’ll have a group starting Nov 1st to take us through Thanksgiving. You’ll have 23 days! By then you’ll be almost done!

In the workout, the trainers always say, “It’s time to earn your break!”

Well–I’m going to take it a step further!

I want you to EARN YOUR THANKSGIVING PIE! : )core_de_force_review14570277_1798574977089240_7077754815305683548_n

The harder you work, the cleaner you eat, the better you’ll feel come Thanksgiving. 

Want to learn more? 

Join the event here for all the details and to be the first to try the program!

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