This Simple Tip Will Change The Way You Feel About Lunch! 

At the beginning of each week I make a huge basic salad (lettuce, cucumbers, cherry tomatoes, & carrots). I put that salad in my fridge (airtight container) and pull it out with dinners and for my lunches. This normally lasts me 3-4 days and then I simply make it again. (You can make mason jar salads as well and prep out the week, but I normally don’t since I add ingredients to the basic salad each day) 
My lunches are super quick and different everyday because I pull out the basic salad and add other ingredients to it in under 3 min. 

Some ideas: 

-grilled chicken and cashew salad (use leftover grilled chicken from a dinner) 

-Cobb salad 

-Taco salad (normally have the day after we have some type of Mexican dinner-beans, rice, etc) 

-Basic salad and then add avocado and shredded cheese

-Side salad with leftovers from the night before 
Veggies are inexpensive. My huge basic salad gets made 2x a week and costs under $12 total. (about $6 each making) This $12 worth of veggies goes towards 6 lunches and normally 2 dinners. My hubby even eats a large salad with dinners now! I feel there are so many different ways to “dress up” a salad that I really don’t get tired of it. My body craves the veggies!!!

What’s your favorite salad?

Drop your ideas in the comments!

Happy Thursday!


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