I wanted to share my thoughts on clean eating. For a long time I thought it was totally out of my league. I mean, I have little kids, and a husband who would rather make cookies for dinner than a sandwich. But when I started trying to take care of me, I decided it was time for NO EXCUSES. I would find a way to do whatever it took to feel good and look good, and to be honest the chemicals on the ingredient list of most foods were starting to freak me out. I found some websites and ideas on pinterest that made it not so scary (cleaneatingmag.com is my favorite, and there is a “clean” version of almost everything on pinterst). I also joined a clean eating bootcamp hosted by one of my friends. It was 7 days of support and ideas and nobody got kicked out for having a treat. We celebrated our small successes. I was amazed–I felt more energized, my kids were better behaved, and I didn’t feel this NEED for sugar to survive the day. It helped me so much that I plan to do one soon for any interested.

What is clean eating? Essentially it is cutting out processed food (i.e. stuff that comes in a box, white flour, white sugar) and eating more whole foods. I like to think of it in terms of MORE. I try every day to eat MORE vegetables. MORE fruit. MORE whole grains. MORE water. (Gallon challenge, anyone?) At our house we are working on eating clean 90% of the time. We still have cake at birthdays. But that’s is what makes it special. We still have plenty of treats–made at home with real food. I use raw honey or pure maple syrup instead of sugar. And the difference is remarkable. If you have clean foods you love, please share! I will be using this blog as a place to post my favorite recipes as I work to prove that clean eating can be affordable, kid-friendly, and tasty! Here’s to a healthy life!